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Have Love The Dog treats at your Event!

Yesterday at d.b.a., a dog-friendly bar on the Lower East Side in New York City, DogHauz had its opening kick off party with lots of human and canine attendees alike! DogHauz promises to be a great new dog training, consulting and total wellness service for NYC dogs. It's a small business with the goal of making dogs healthier and happier, so our CEO (Chief Eating Officer) Luna wasted no time in dispatching Jinbei, the miniature poodle, and his small staff to join forces!

The event was a huge success: there were great games for dogs and humans alike, including a small tunnel and jump agility set and musical chairs with dogs. We had open bar for the pups, too, with a variety of our flavors out in dishes always available for the taking! Some very lucky pups won their own prize bags of Love The Dog treats, and everyone left happy with a goodie bag that included a sample bag or two!

On the left you can see a fluffy doodle trying to get at whatever is in the lady to her right's hands -- those are our treats!

We're glad the sweet goldendoodle puppy on the left won her own bag of Chicken and Carrot Treats for her debut agility run at the first game of the event! As you can see, she just couldn't get enough -- one of the hosts kneeling beside her is posing with our cutely shaped treats for the group photo!

Why not have Love The Dog at your next event with doggy participants? We'd love to send samples, goodie bags, contest prize full-size bags and gift cards, and even arrange for a customized discount code for your guests to use at our online store!

So the next time you have doggy guests, don't forget to invite Love The Dog!

COMING UP NEXT: There are a ton of ways to use Love The Dog treats - with their tantalizing aroma, they make an ideal choice for food puzzle toys and brain teaser games like "nosework"! In our next post, we'll review some food puzzles and treat-related games that work well with Love The Dog treats, and how to use this powerful combination of scent, toys, fun, and nutritious snacking to help in your behavior and training!

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