Our ingredients set us apart!
Our dedication to providing the highest quality products and our passion for canine nutrition both play a key role in our ingredient selection. Our treats never contain artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Our products are also 100% free of gluten, grains, and soy. We choose naturally powerful ingredients that are packed full of health boosting nutrition and flavor!

Trust us, your dog will love the difference!

Coconut Oil
Black Pepper

We include ground turmeric in all of our recipes. Turmeric's bio-active compound, curcumin, is responsible for its bright color and host of health benefits. Turmeric has been used for millennia as a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory. It also helps support digestion, liver function, and is a powerful antioxidant.

Organic, unrefined coconut oil is an important part of each of our recipes because it enhances the absorption of the curcumin in turmeric during digestion. Turmeric is fat soluble, and must be paired with a fat for optimal absorption by the body. Coconut oil is wonderfully health supportive for dogs and is known to aid digestion and even freshen doggy breath! 

Our inclusion of freshly cracked black pepper in our treats may initially surprise you! Not only does black pepper pack a powerful antioxidant punch, but it contains a compound called piperine that significantly increases the bioavailability of the beneficial curcumin in turmeric! Black pepper helps the body derive more nutrients from the foods that we eat- so crack away!

Freshly Ground Meats
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

We use only the highest quality meats available. Our chicken treats are made with USA Grade A Chicken, and our beef treats are made with freshly ground Sirloin! All of our meats are FRESH and human grade- we never use meals or byproducts! We strongly believe that our dogs should be eating as well as (or better than!) we do.

Dogs love the variety of flavors and aromas found in fresh fruits and vegetables! We love to incorporate seasonal and locally produced products whenever possible! Apples, carrots, greens, pumpkin, beets and berries- we unlock a new world of vibrant flavor for your pup! Plus, fruits and veggies are packed with vitamins, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants! Yum!

Fresh herbs are an excellent source of nutrition and bold flavor! With their powerful noses- dogs love the unique and delicious aromas that fresh herbs bring to our recipes.. We particularly love parsley, which contains lots of vitamins and antioxidants! We also love fresh mint for dogs because it can help soothe the stomach and even help fight bad doggy breath!

Blueberries & Cranberries

Blueberries and cranberries are some of our favorite ingredients! Both of these fruits are superfoods- bursting with nutritional value! Blueberries and cranberries contain phytonutrients that offer both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits!

Pumpkin is a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs because it is packed with tummy-friendly fiber. It also contains lots of beta-carotene and Vitamin C!

In our world of endless flavor combinations and culinary creativity- why deny our dogs a taste of the excitement? We love to include dog-friendly spices like ceylon cinnamon and ground ginger that bring enticing aroma, flavor and nutrition to our unique recipes!

Flax Meal & Flax Seeds
Air Dried Garlic
Citric Acid

A high source of Omega-3's, vitamins and dietary fiber, we include flax meal in all of our recipes! Omega 3's and the antioxidant lignans in flax play a role in reducing inflammation in the body, as well as improving skin and coat health.

Dogs LOVE garlic! Despite popular misinformation, garlic is safe for dogs when fed properly- and that's a great thing, because garlic is a powerful immune system stimulant! Garlic is high in inulin, amino acids, sulphur, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. It also contains vitamin A, C, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, germanium and B-complex vitamins!

Citric acid is a naturally occurring acid foun in citrus fruits and other foods. We use non-GMO citric acid derived naturally from cane sugar in our recipes. Citric acid has naturally preservative properties because it increases the acidity of a product, inhibiting bacterial growth. It also completely preserves the high Vitamin C content in our treats so we can deliver a nutritionally potent, safe product!

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