You know it. We know it.

We've decided to do something about it!

We hand craft delicious, fresh & functional treats to celebrate your magnificent little beast!

OUr Amazing Recipes

Our chef, Lauren, begins each recipe with a focus on a holistic, wholesome approach to nutrition. We’re all about FRESH - fresh ingredients, fresh alternatives, fresh flavors and the refreshing truth that doing more for our dogs’ wellness can be as easy as tossing them a treat!


All of our recipes contain functional foods that provide a powerful nutritional boost! We begin each batch with high quality protein and incorporate fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices with a focus on anti-inflammatory and immune-system supportive foods. 


We bring the culmination of the knowledge we have gained in our study of holistic canine wellness to you - in a bite sized version!

It's all about love

The love we share with our dogs knows no bounds -  and we love your dog like one of our own!


Love The Dog was created to provide an honest, genuinely nutritious alternative to the artificial and highly-processed "foods" lining pet store shelves. We believe great nutrition is the key to a happy, healthy dog and we are dedicated to bringing you products that nourish your dog from the inside out. With every handmade treat, we strive to honor the incredible, loving bond between you and your amazing dog.

Finally - you can both feel great about treat time!

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Lauren is an alumna of Northeastern Universty and The International Culinary Center in Manhattan. She has chosen to combine her professional culinary skills and passion for canine nutrition to create a new treat experience for your dog!

The happiest of birthdays to our gorgeou



Our lovely Chief Eating Officer is incredibly dedicated to her role and insists on a thorough sampling of every batch. She never misses a day of "work"!
Favorite Treat: Chicken & Pumpkin

Gretchen is getting ready for a fun and



Gretchen is affectionately dubbed our Chief Farting Officer. She is the comic relief in our busy workdays, and is a relentless source of happiness!

Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter & Blueberry